Murky Pasts


The crew, having defeated notorious Mos Shutta crime lord Teemo the Hutt, and being awarded a handsome sum of credits by the Bothan Ota, prepare their ship for a long hyperspace jump . Whilst they managed to avoid the wrath of the infamous Jabba the Hutt, by revealing that Teemo had been working against the Hutt Cartel, they decided that getting away from the Outer Rim for the time being is the safest course of action.

They set their navicomputer for a little system named Ploo in the Expansion Region. This system close enough to the Hydian Way trade route to make it a good jump off point, while being quiet enough for the crew to remain undetected and out of trouble. In theory…

It didn’t take long for trouble to find them. Having rescued a scholar who was being chased through the busy market on Ploo II, the crew were enlisted to help find and enter a hidden Sith temple deep in the jungles of Ploo.

(Source: Karbo)

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